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Back injury is a common reason for SSD claim approvals

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Back pain can be a debilitating condition just of itself, but the truth is that the pain is also an indication of a much more serious problem than soreness. It is true enough that many workers in North Carolina who are required to do physical labor do suffer soreness from time to time, but many times the repetitive motion leads to injury due to overworking one particular body area. And when the back begins to deteriorate, surgery is often needed just to help the injured worker maintain mobility and independence.

Understanding Lumbar Fusion

Vertebrae fusion is one technique physicians can use in helping those with injured backs regain mobility with some degree of reduced pain. The procedure can also have an impact on those with pinched nerves near the damaged area. While this can be performed anywhere along the spine, one of the most common techniques for those filing disability claims based on a back injury is connecting bulged or blown discs in the lower back. This is known medically as lumbar fusion, but it does not necessarily repair the damage. It often only makes the condition easier to live with.

How Lumbar Fusion Can Impact A SSD Claim

Lower back problems are a common medical issue listed in many Social Security Disability claims. Workers who have constantly used their back while performing job duties will many times file for disability long before the full retirement age, and lumbar fusion surgery can be solid evidence of an inability to work as a basis for an SSD claim for those with a history of manual labor employment.

SSD Claims Can Still Be Complicated

While lower lumber fusion surgery can be good documented medical evidence of disability, a SSD claim is actually a claim that the applicant cannot work due to a medical condition. The Social Security Administration will consider the total health of the claimant when making a decision, and many times those with an injured lower back who are under age 50 can still be retrained in a sedentary employment craft. Details matter, which is why it might be a good idea to have an aggressive SSD attorney in North Carolina handling the claim.

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