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Can you lose SSD if you get a part-time job?

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If you have a qualifying disability in North Carolina, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. This money compensates you for lost income, so you can continue to make money while living at home. Over time, you may start thinking about entering the workforce again. Can you continue to receive SSD benefits while holding down a part-time job?

Does A Part-Time Job Prohibit You From Receiving SSD Benefits?

If you get a part-time job and start earning more than $1,310 a month, you may no longer be qualified to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Once you return to work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will assume that you don’t need SSD benefits. However, there’s a way to hold down a job while continuing to collect SSD payments.

You can join a Social Security work program that allows you to receive SSD while you take part in on-the-job training. During this time, you’ll get a “trial period” of up to nine months to see if you’re ready to return to work. If not, you can leave the job and keep collecting SSD benefits. If you think you’re ready to hold down a job, you’ll lose your SSD benefits once you become a permanent employee.

An attorney could help you apply for benefits and figure out what may make you ineligible. He or she could also help you join a Social Security work program and get ready to reenter the workforce.

How Do You Apply For SSD?

The Social Security Administration denies thousands of applications every year. You could hire an attorney to make sure that your application isn’t one of them. A lawyer could help you fill out the paperwork, mail it to the right office and appeal your claim if the SSA denies your application. You may have to attend a hearing or provide more evidence.

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