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COVID-19 registries: Solution to understanding the virus?

Would creating a national registry of survivors of COVID-19 be an effective tool to better understand what has happened to millions of Americans who suffer from the long-term systems of…

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What long-haulers can do while waiting on SSA decisions

While the federal government struggles with indecision in addressing whether COVID-19 “long-haulers” qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, the physical and emotional struggles persist among the people who have…

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COVID-19 forces Congress to address disability benefits issues

Last year’s arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the thousands of patients who have suffered from its long-term ill effects have forced federal lawmakers to take a hard look at…

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UK studies: women more likely to suffer long-term covid symptoms

Two recent UK studies imply that middle-aged women treated for COVID-19 suffer the most long-lasting symptoms of the virus compared with other demographics. Five months after hospital treatment, roughly 70%…

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How do you know that you are a long-hauler?

The initial signs of COVID-19 were unmistakable. You lost your sense of taste, you struggled to breathe, a high fever lingered along with a sore throat, headaches and chronic fatigue.…

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