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How do you know that you are a long-hauler?

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The initial signs of COVID-19 were unmistakable. You lost your sense of taste, you struggled to breathe, a high fever lingered along with a sore throat, headaches and chronic fatigue. You want to and need to rest as you hope to recover. However, you still wait. Your recovery from the pandemic still has not happened, and it has been several months already.

You are likely a “long-hauler,” a person who has gone through the COVID-19 health ringer. Your current health is in question due to long-term complications related to the virus. These complications can last weeks and months after initially be stricken by the virus, leading to potentially serious conditions. Your life as you know it has changed because of your health issues, inability to work and long road to recovery.

Memory Issues, Chest Pains, Depression

These symptoms linger, and long-haulers may suffer from a variety of complications, including:

  • Problems with memory
  • Brain fog leading to inability to concentrate, lack of focus, confusion and headaches
  • Serious and prolonged fatigue
  • Continuing respiratory issues, including shortness of breath
  • Chest pains
  • Serious and long-lasting changes to your immune system and lungs
  • Body and joint pain
  • Heart palpitations
  • Depression
  • Sleeping difficulties

Such symptoms may occur due to permanent damage inflicted upon your heart, kidneys, lungs or additional organs.

The jury is still out as to whether long-haulers can receive Social Security disability benefits. However, that decision must be made soon as many people continue to be affected by the effects of COVID-19. While the waiting game continues, you must advocate for yourself and seek supporting allies who have your best interests in mind.

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