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Charlotte disability lawyers explain how your family and friends can help with your claim

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The advice and guidance of an experienced Charlotte disability lawyer can be invaluable. Call Bridgman & Serbin at (704) 815-6055.

In advance of your hearing before an administrative law judge, your Charlotte disability lawyer may discuss with you the possibility of having one or more of your friends, family members, neighbors, or former colleagues testify at the hearing on your behalf. The Social Security Administration recognizes the importance of this type of lay (non-expert) testimony. Specifically, the Social Security rules and regulations recognize that lay witnesses may provide helpful testimony regarding:

  • Your “residual functional capacity” (ability to function and perform work-related activities, despite the limitations caused by your impairment).
  • The onset date of your disability.
  • The nature and requirements of your former job(s).
  • The impact of a mental impairment on your daily activities, social functioning, concentration, persistence or pace, and ability to tolerate stress.
  • Your pain symptoms. Relevant testimony in this regard might include observations of your symptoms; precipitating and aggravating factors; your functional limitations; your efforts to work; and the effectiveness of medication or treatments.
  • The impact of specific impairments (e.g., chronic fatigue syndrome; RSD/CRPS) on your daily activities.

In evaluating the credibility of lay witness testimony, the judge will consider the nature and extent of your relationship with the witness and whether the witness’ testimony is consistent with other evidence in your case.

If you know of a family member, friend, neighbor, former employer, former colleague, clergy member, teacher, or other non-expert witness who might provide helpful testimony in your case, tell your Charlotte disability lawyer about this person. If you are not currently represented by a lawyer, we may be able to help. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your situation.

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