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Working with Your Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Office on Your Claim

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Bridgman Law Offices is a Greensboro Social Security Disability law office that understands the intricacies of submitting a claim for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration requires complete and thorough medical evidence that the claimant actually suffers from the medical issues that are the basis for the filing. This means that they will work with the claimant in as many ways as possible to compile a comprehensive list of medical issues. Some claimants file based on one particular major health issue, but the truth is that most claimants have multiple health issues that impact their total inability to perform physical work in an employment situation. The medical evidence is vital because the real issue with a disability determination is the claimant’s inability to earn an income. Our Greensboro Social Security disability law office deals with this process daily on a professional level and can help you get your case established from the very beginning of the claim.

The Intake Process

The first step that our office will take is conducting an interview with you to learn some specific facts concerning your disability claim. In addition to personal information, they will want a full description of the medical issues you are facing, and providing initial basic medical evidence can be very helpful for the lawyer or legal staff when they are determining the potential of a valid claim. Most disability attorneys will make an honest and accurate assessment of the case because they are making an assessment on the possibility of approval. Disability attorneys receive no fee unless your claim is won in most cases, which means it is a good sign if the disability attorney takes your case.

Gathering Medical Documentation

Your ability to work will be assessed based on your total medical status. The Social Security Administration only considers total disability, but will allow multiple issues to be combined as a totality of medical circumstances. While you have probably been to the doctor prior to filing for disability, we will usually request more testing, especially for new underlying medical issues that may not have been addressed or treated. Many attorneys will send clients to doctors they have worked with in the past who will deliver an accurate second opinion on a diagnosis, many times providing proof that the condition may be more serious than first thought. Your attorney is actually building a comprehensive view of your total disability, as each issue will eventually be assigned a percentage of disability. Multiple percentages are then combined from the medical documentation your disability counsel will send to the Disability Determinations Board for your state.

The Hearing Procedure

Very few disability claimants are approved for Social Security disability insurance benefits without attending at least one hearing, as almost all claims are routinely denied on the initial filing. Serious cases of profound injury may be approved on the first filing, but even that is a rare case. In a hearing there will be a Social Security Administration administrative law judge and your legal counsel, along with yourself or representative in most cases. It may not be necessary for the the claimant to appear at any subsequent hearings, depending on your disability situation. The results of a hearing that ends in a denial may also include more testing requests by the Social Security Administration doctors for a more thorough understanding and diagnosis of a problem. Our Greensboro Social Security disability law office may also request additional medical evaluations for denied clients in an effort to bolster their total disability claim validity.

Hearing Preparation

We will always prepare you for the hearing when it is a requirement that you attend, and they will provide a thorough idea of what questions the ALJ may ask regarding your inability to work. Disability decisions are made in five specific steps of consideration, so being disqualified initially may not preclude being approved in a following step. The issue will always revolve around the individual’s prior work history and Social Security tax receipt records, with initial consideration being if you can still perform the type of work you have historically done. Sometimes the SSA ALJ will state that a claimant can do sedentary work, but acquiring a sedentary job is another issue when it is obvious that the applicant is disabled. The disability professionals at Bridgeman Law Office clearly understand this could be a hearing decision and will be prepared for a subsequent argument that could yield positive results.

Contact A Greensboro Social Security Disability Law Office

Any individual in the Greensboro area who is needing to file a Social Security disability insurance claim should contact the Bridgman Law Offices today at 704-815-6055 for a complete and free evaluation of the potential of your disability case.

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