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Charlotte SSD Attorney Discusses Lupus and Social Security Disability Claims

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A Charlotte SSD attorney at Bridgman Law Offices can determine if you meet the requirements for Social Security disability. Call us at (704) 815-6055.

Lupus, also known as systemic lupus eurythematosus, is a chronic disorder that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own cells as if they are foreign substances. The medical condition is included in the Social Security’s listing of impairments. A person must exhibit certain symptoms and side effects that are related to the impairment in order to be awarded disability benefits. Due to the complex rules and regulations involved in filing a disability claim or appeal, it is beneficial to utilize the services of a knowledgeable Charlotte SSD attorney.

Charlotte SSD Attorney On The Condition And Diagnosis Of Lupus

Lupus can become a debilitating condition that attacks multiple parts of the body. When the antibodies that normally protect you from viruses and bacteria fight the body’s healthy tissues, it causes pain, inflammation and tissue damage. Common indicators of lupus include swelling of the joints, skin rashes and lesions, blood disorder, arthritis, oral ulcers and damage to internal organs. Physicians can perform blood tests and an antinuclear antibody test to diagnose the condition.

Charlotte SSD Lawyer On The Limitations Associated With Lupus

Some of the symptoms of the condition are seizures, memory problems, confusion, pain or numbness in the fingers, arthritis, behavioral changes, swollen legs, fatigue and headaches. When you are applying for disability benefits, the medical documents need to list the tests, examinations and treatment you have received. A Charlotte SSD lawyer can help you collect the relevant medical information the Social Security Administration needs in order to properly evaluate your disability claim.
Even though there are people with lupus who are able to conduct normal and productive lives, the condition can severely impede the ability of others to work and perform basic duties. The inability to concentrate, memory loss and extreme pain in the joints or fatigue can make it very difficult to complete work-related tasks that you would normally be able to handle. A Charlotte SSD attorney knows how to effectively present your case in a manner that demonstrates the severity of your impairment.

Contact A Charlotte SSD Attorney

If you have lupus or another serious medical condition that prevents you from working, contact Bridgman Law Offices for legal assistance. A Charlotte SSD attorney will evaluate your situation and let you know if you meet the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability. Call us today at (704) 815-6055 to schedule a consultation.

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