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Depression may keep a person from holding down a job

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Most Charlotte residents have battled their own personal struggles. While some have to cope with loss or addiction, others have faced adversity imposed upon them by outside forces. One of the most misunderstood issues that a person may suffer from is depression because it is not something that others can see or necessarily understand.

Depression can be debilitating. While some individuals are able to overcome their depressive thoughts and find methods of treatment to help them lead fulfilling lives, others have to choose every day to stay alive. The fight against one’s own thoughts can prevent them from being able to attend to many other daily needs, such as working for income.

Depression may form the basis of a Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) claim. The Social Security Administration does not allow individuals who suffer from depression to receive compassionate allowance approval; every case of claimed depression is subject to evaluation and review to ensure that it meets the requirements in place for men and women who need disability support.

The requirements in place to demonstrate depression may sound very familiar to individuals who struggle with this mental illness. Thoughts of suicide, depressed moods, sleep issues, and feelings of insignificance are all considered signs of depression for the purposes of receiving SSDI.

The inability to provide for one’s self may contribute to a person’s depressive thoughts. With the help of a disability benefits attorney, though, a person who suffers from depression may be able to take meaningful steps toward getting the financial help they need and moving forward in their treatment of their serious disability.

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