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What is a Quick Disability Determination?

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A Quick Disability Determination (QDD) is similar to a compassionate allowance. However, there are some important differences that North Carolina residents should understand that exist between the two programs. This post will address what makes QDD unique, but as with all of the other information contained on this site, readers should not take the contents of this post to be legal advice.

A QDD is a computer-generated outcome. When a person applies to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, their information is entered into a computer system. That system processes the information it has received and based on statistical information it applies a determination to the claim. Those claims that appear to have a high likelihood of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits are sent into a more streamlined review process to expedite their outcomes.

A person’s claim may be designated QDD based on how they structure their application for benefits, but will not necessarily turn on the ailment their application is based. Whereas compassionate allowance determinations are based on identified illnesses and conditions that warrant automatic approval for disability benefits, the QDD process identities cases that match other prior cases that were approved within the disability benefits system.

Just because an applicant’s claim is not sent to QDD does not mean that it will not be approved. The QDD process only speeds up the application timeline. Individuals who wish to apply for disability benefits are encouraged to take their time and prepare their paperwork as comprehensively as possible, and most can benefit from working with legal professionals who practice in the disability benefits field.

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