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Epilepsy as a disability for SSDI benefits

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Epilepsy is a serious medical condition that causes individuals who suffer from it to endure seizures. Not all cases of epilepsy are the same and two people who suffer from seizures may have very different experiences with their illnesses. A Charlotte resident who suffers from epilepsy may be able to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if their illness is serious enough to meet the requirements of a disability.

Different types of epilepsy-related seizure issues have different disability requirements per the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments. While generalized tonic-clonic seizures may occur less frequently than dyscognitive seizures over time, all individuals with epilepsy are expected to seek medical treatment for the maintenance and control of their conditions. Only if a person’s epilepsy cannot be managed with treatment and they still suffer from seizures per the schedules of the Social Security Administration may they qualify for benefits.

Applying for disability benefits due to epilepsy is not a process that a person needs to undertake by themselves. Attorneys who provide disability benefits-related support can help men and women who struggle with this significant illness to fight for their right to benefits.

As with other illnesses, epilepsy cases often require significant medical support and evidence to prove that they meet the requirements of a disability. An attorney who is knowledgeable in the area of Social Security Disability law can be an asset to a client who needs disability benefits, but is unsure of how to pursue those benefits. A well-prepared disability benefits application can provide an individual with a strong step toward getting the help they need to live their best possible life despite their epilepsy condition.

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