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How often will my disability benefits be subject to review?

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There is always a chance that a Charlotte resident’s Social Security disability benefits will be denied upon a review after an initial approval. When a person’s circumstances change, such as when they experience an improvement in their health that allows them to return to work, they may find that they no longer qualify for the support they once received from the Social Security Administration. Reviews of recipients’ cases happen periodically and depending upon the outlook of the recipients’ conditions their reviews can happen after a matter of months or several years.

When a person is deemed to have a disability and initially qualifies for benefits they will be assessed for how likely improvement of their condition is to occur. If improvement is considered expected then that individual may see a review of their case as soon as six months after they begin receiving benefits. The review for a person in this situation will likely be no more than a year and a half after they have been approved.

If an individual’s may possibly improve, their review period is much longer. Individuals placed in the “possible” category may not have a review of their cases for three years.

The final category that a person’s case may fall into is that of “not expected.” Individuals whose ailments are not expected to improve with time may be given this designation, and as one may expect their reviews are even more spread out. A review for a person designated “not expected” may not happen for seven years.

The failure of a person to demonstrate the continuing impact that their disability has on their ability to work may cause their previously approved benefits to be lost. At all stages during the disability benefits process may individuals get help from lawyers who practice in this important area of the law.

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