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When does CKD qualify for SSD benefits?

Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition that can cause severe and permanent disability. Often, CKD will lead to kidney failure, a complex illness that affects your kidney’s ability to filter…

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How much might you receive if approved for SSDI?

When you become unable to work in North Carolina because of a serious illness or medical condition, you may be eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. Whether you…

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A look at chronic medical conditions that qualify for SSD

Receiving Social Security Disability requires navigating several important steps. The foundation of a successful application involves the presence of a chronic medical condition. Understanding what constitutes a chronic condition can…

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What is pulmonary hypertension?

The Social Security Administration maintains a listing of impairments, which are disorders eligible to receive benefits. These disorders range from skin conditions to immune system dysfunction. Respiratory disorders like pulmonary…

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Is it possible to lose your benefits?

Having a permanent disability in the state of North Carolina could potentially guarantee you access to the rights for life-long disability benefits. However, there are certain situations where the state…

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How to know if you qualify for Social Security Disability

If you have a disability that prevents or limits you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance. These benefits help cover the income lost by not…

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What should blue-collar workers know regarding disability benefits?

As a blue-collar worker, your job likely involves some form of manual labor or physical work. Years of doing this sort of labor can result in potential long-term health issues…

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What amount in monthly SSD benefits will I receive?

Many workers who contemplate seeking Social Security disability (SSD) benefits have so many questions. They know that their medical situation will prevent them from working a long time – at…

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Reasons the government denied your application for SSD benefits

The chances that the government denies your claim for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are good. Join the club because two-thirds of all people who seek the much-needed benefits receive…

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Advice for ‘long-haulers’ seeking COVID-19 answers

COVID-19 “long-haulers” not only seem to be in limbo health-wise, but also benefits-wise. Long-haulers are the unfortunate people who contracted the virus but continue to have serious health effects weeks…

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Questions remain on COVID-19 ‘long-haulers,’ disability benefits

So many concerns and questions continue to surface due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the world has seen progress as an increasing number of people receive vaccinations, a few matters…

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Could you lose SSD benefits?

If you’re permanently disabled in North Carolina, you might be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits for the rest of your life. However, the state might cut off your…

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