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Is it possible to lose your benefits?

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Having a permanent disability in the state of North Carolina could potentially guarantee you access to the rights for life-long disability benefits.

However, there are certain situations where the state may decide to end your benefits. What reason would they have to do this?

Financial Reasons For Disqualification

The Social Security Administration lists the reasons for your eligibility to end up discontinued. They start by explaining that the state conducts regular reviews in order to see if your situation has changed in any way. Depending on the case, some situations may change enough that the person in question no longer qualifies for the type of benefit they have.

Reasons for potentially getting disqualified include:

  • Earning at least $1,310 a month from a job
  • Earning up to $2,190 a month if you are legally blind
  • Being deemed fit to re-enter the work force

When Are Reviews Held?

For minor disabilities, the state will reexamine your case every 6 to 18 months after you begin to collect SSD benefits. For moderate disabilities, this review will happen every 3 years. For disabilities that you are extremely unlikely to recover from, they will launch a review once every 7 years.

Some cases are rather cut-and-dried, with a disability still persisting in a victim’s life and impacting their ability to work to a great and noticeable degree. Many other cases, however, tend to fall in a grey area.

In such cases, it is beneficial to work with legal aid. They can help you defend your right to keep your benefits while you continue to struggle through the difficult recovery period ahead of you.

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