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How can a back injury affect your work?

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After suffering from an incident that led to a back injury at work, you might think that you can take a day or two off and then get right back on your feet. However, back injuries often have a surprisingly long-lasting impact and can take much longer to heal.

With these lengthy healing times, it is possible for one back injury to completely alter the way your work situation looks.

What Affects A Back Injury’s Severity

PT & Me takes a look at how back injuries can affect your work. Back injuries differ from person to person and situation to situation depending on several factors. This can include the distance you fell, the type of floor you fell on, how you struck it and your physical health at the time of the accident.

Some back injuries can take much longer to heal than others. In extreme cases, some victims may take years to fully recover and could have to go through physical therapy to regain their strength and capabilities. In others, simply resting for a week or two could ease the inflammation enough.

Inflammation Of An Injury

Most back injuries do involve inflammation of some sort, though. It is important to wait until the inflammation goes down before returning to work, or you risk worsening the injury and making it even harder to do your job.

Of course, not everyone has the amount of sick days or off time they need in order to take this much time off. It is hard for people who live paycheck to paycheck, too. This is why many back injury victims will seek financial compensation to even out the monetary burden.

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