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What should blue-collar workers know regarding disability benefits?

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As a blue-collar worker, your job likely involves some form of manual labor or physical work. Years of doing this sort of labor can result in potential long-term health issues that may actually cause more damage in the end than short-term accidents and injuries.

In fact, the physical issues stemming from long-term physical distress may render you incapable of continuing to do your job. But if you can no longer work, can you rely on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)?

Meeting Requirements Before Applying

Social Security discusses its requirements regarding filing for and receiving disability benefits. First, you need to understand whether or not you actually fit the eligibility requirements. You need to provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) with things like your work history, your Social Security work credits and the period of time that you earned them in. You must meet these basic requirements before you can even move on to the application stage.

What To Expect During The Application

When applying, you must meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled”. This means showing that your current condition makes it impossible for you to work in the current industry or in a new one. The SSA will look at your transferable skills, i.e. specialized skills that may allow you to take up lighter work of equal or lesser value. This includes jobs like plumbing, electricians and heavy machine operators. Some jobs and industries do not have transferable skills, however, such as mining, farming, fishing or specialized truck driving.

If your application ends up denied, you can also appeal the decision to continue fighting for benefits. You may wish to contact legal help at this time, as it will maximize your chances of overturning the decision.

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