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The common injuries that lead to workers’ comp claims

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You take a risk of getting injured every day you go to work in North Carolina. Not all jobs present equal accident risks, but if you do get injured, you could file for workers’ comp benefits to help you recover and get back on your feet. How do you know if an injury will lead to workers’ comp? Here are the five most common injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims.

Back Strain

This is the most common injury you’ll see with workers’ comp claims, and you can get it in even a minor accident. Your back takes stress every day when you try to lift something or move in an unusual position. If you experience some sort of impact that injures your back, you should consider making make a workers’ compensation claim.


Fractures are another common injury you’ll see with workers’ comp claims. You might experience fractures due to a fall or any other accident while doing your job. You should be eligible for benefits while you take time off work for the fracture to heal.


You can experience inflammation in your body due to an accident at work. You might suffer from inflammation in your arms, neck or any other part of the body. While you can’t typically file a workers’ comp claim for simple inflammation, you should file for benefits if you experience a debilitating condition, like carpal tunnel syndrome, due to an injury on the job.


You can file a workers’ compensation claim if you experience burns on the job. Some jobs require you to use some sort of fire or heat source, which can lead to a burn injury. You should make sure that you file a workers’ comp claim for any injuries caused by burns as soon as you receive treatment.

While you might get tempted to just keep going and work through the pain, you should consider filing a workers’ comp claim if you suffer any sort of serious injury that prevents you from doing your job. Workers’ comp may pay for your medical expenses and other losses such as a portion of your wages.

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