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Did you suffer a crush injury at work?

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Many jobs involve the use of heavy equipment or industrial machinery. While you likely understand that these machines can cause you severe physical harm if used incorrectly, it is still hard to know how to react in the case where this actually occurs.

If you suffer from a crush injury, you should know how to get immediate medical care. Otherwise, you could face extensive long and short term injuries that can alter the course of your life.

What Are Trunk Injuries?

Medline Plus examines crush injuries and their related complications. Crush injuries occur when a heavy or large object falls on, or runs over, part of your body. Crush injuries may occur on any part of the body, with injuries to the trunk and limbs having different potential effects and worst outcome scenarios.

With trunk injuries, the biggest risk comes in the form of organ failure. If you cannot properly oxygenate the organs, then you risk them shutting down or malfunctioning in dangerous ways. On top of that, blood can actually become poisoned if left stagnant for too long, which can lead to the life-threatening condition of sepsis.

What Are Limb Crush Injuries?

Sepsis can also occur with limb crush injuries, especially because these injuries have a high rate of necrosis and gangrene. When blood circulation cuts off oxygen from the limbs, they will often begin to rot and die within hours if you do not get immediate medical attention. Thus, amputation is also a big issue here.

Even if you get quick care, you could face months or even years of recovery, or the possibility of a lifetime impairment. This is why many in your shoes will choose to seek compensation.

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