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Disability benefits after a back injury

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Back injuries can be debilitating conditions for Charlotte workers. They can affect anyone, from laborers who lift heavy objects during the course of their work to office workers who spend much of their time in front of computers. When a person suffers a serious injury to their back they may not be able to get back to the job that they need to provide for their loved ones. The Social Security Administration recognizes a variety of ailments that may affect individuals’ backs in its disability listings.

For example, disorders ofthe spine are classified under musculoskeletal system ailments. They can manifest from chronic illnesses or injuries and may limit individuals’ movement, inflict pain or weakness or may force those who suffer from them to change positions of their bodies often throughout the day.

A person with a debilitating back injury may not be able to stand or sit for the amount of time that is required of them for their job. They may not have the range of motion needed to complete their occupational tasks and, depending upon their condition, may not be able to move themselves effectively or safely through the course of their workday.

An individual’s back injury must qualify as a disability under the Social Security Administration’s definition of the term. If it does, though, the individual may be able to secure disability benefits for themselves and their relations. Social Security disability benefits for injuries are important for those Americans who cannot work because they have suffered serious and life-altering harm to their backs and cannot support themselves through work.

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