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Just last week this North Carolina Social Security disability benefits legal blog provided its readers with a general discussion of what it means to be disabled under the Social Security Administration’s definition. Readers may have noted that the definition is not necessarily straightforward nor is it simple. In fact, the definition is wrought with complexities that may make it difficult for a person to fully understand if they are in fact disabled under SSA’s disability designation.

Being disabled per this definition is imperative to a person’s chances of receiving benefits from SSA. If a person is not considered disabled then they have no entitlement to disability benefits; meeting the definition of disabled is therefore an absolute condition of getting the financial help they need when their mental or physical condition prevents them from holding down a job.

However, proving disability is only one of the many steps that a person must take in order to successfully qualify for SSA benefits. While the process of applying for and receiving SSA benefits is achievable on one’s own, the support of a disability benefits lawyer can help an applicant understand the requirements that are placed upon them to prove their condition and convince SSA that they need benefits to sustain themselves.

The Bridgman Law Offices provide direct client support to individuals who wish to apply for SSA benefits based on illness and injuries that affect their mental and physical health. They recognize that for applicants disability benefits are a necessary part of getting through each day and maintaining the applicants’ basic needs. To learn more about the Bridgman Law Offices and their Charlotte-based firm readers may visit them online through their SSA disability benefits webpage.

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