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What should you know about the SSD application process?

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Are you dealing with an illness or an injury that has left you unable to work? It is possible that you could have a rightful claim to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, but it can be beneficial to know more about the process before you take the initial steps of your application.

The intent of Social Security Disability benefits is to provide monetary support for North Carolina individuals who are no longer able to work because of a physical or mental condition. However, the application process is complex, and it can be fraught with challenges that may keep you from getting the monetary support you need in a timely manner.

What to expect from the process

Securing Social Security Disability benefits involve more than just filling out paperwork and claiming that you are unable to work. The application can be complicated, and there are various things you will have to prove in order to actually obtain the support you need and deserve. In addition to the documentation you will have to gather for your disability claim, you will have to provide information pertaining to the following:

  • Contact information for all medical service providers who have been treating your medical condition
  • Information about references who can verify and discuss your condition with a representative from the SSA
  • The types of prescriptions you are currently taking and any ongoing medical care you receive
  • Job history, insurance claims you filed and other documentation related to your accident, injury or medical condition

It is possible to apply for benefits online, but no matter how you choose to seek the support you need and deserve, you would be wise to start by seeking an evaluation of your case and an explanation of your rights and options. With help and guidance, you may be able to effectively deal with any challenges that arise and any complications that could stand between you and the disability benefits you need.

Seeking a beneficial outcome

You may be unable to work and support your family, but there are certain legal options available to you. You may feel overwhelmed by your situation, but you have the right to seek guidance as you fight for financial security.

If you believe that you may have a rightful claim to disability benefits, it can be useful to start by learning more about how the application process works and how you can effectively prepare for what’s ahead.

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