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Greensboro Disability Lawyers Discuss Your Medical History

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Greensboro disability lawyers will help you understand how your medical history will be viewed when you file a claim seeking benefits. In some cases, the medical history will be clear with information from medical professionals, hospitals, and anyone who has taken part in your care and treatment. In other cases, it is necessary for your attorney to make certain that the judge will receive all the information in the exhibit file.

There is the possibility that your doctors will have to explain your medical issues and your limitations. It is also possible that the judge will look at your medical history and ask you questions about it. The judge might want to know how frequently you visit your doctor, what treatment you receive, what kinds of medications you take, the regularity with which you taken them, if they are effective, and if you suffer side effects. You might also be asked to give a description of your symptoms, what kind of treatment you received, what kinds of doctors you have gone to see, and whether or not you required a stay in the hospital. The judge will not expect you to speak in medical terminology. Consult with your lawyer regarding possible testimony about what has been said by doctors, friends, and relatives about your medical condition before testifying. The judge could ask you what the doctor has said to you about your medical issues and how they limit your activities. If this happens, try to be accurate about what you have been told.

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