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How A Personal Physician’s Testimony Can Help In A Social Security Disability Case

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Clients of an attorney from the Greensboro Social Security disability claims law firm often ask how their doctor can assist with their claim.

The Client’s Doctor Can Help With Medical Opinions In The Disability Claim

The claimant’s primary doctor can give medical opinions concerning a Social Security disability claim. The evidence the doctor provides to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can be important.
In addition to the testimony, medical records can be a key. In many circumstances, the case is won or lost based on the claimant’s records. However, medical opinion given in the case can put the case over the top to receiving benefits.

The Testimony Of The Doctor Could Be The “controlling Weight” In The Case

The doctor’s testimony regarding how severe the medical impairments are could be the most important factor in the case. Any symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis the doctor provides bolstering the case that the claimant is worthy of benefits can help. The doctor’s “controlling weight” in the case means that the Social Security Administration (SSA) might take the doctor’s opinion and use it as its own view of the evidence.

The Presentation Of The Doctor’s Opinion

The doctor testifying at the disability hearing can be a very effective way to give the evidence and have a positive result in the case. Many doctors are not able to appear at the hearing because of time and scheduling constraints. It will also be costly. Doctors don’t testify in person very often.

There are other options to get the doctor’s opinion such as a deposition, the questions being answered in writing, a medical report addressing the key topics, and the filling out of printed medical forms. Regardless, the SSA will consider the opinion and possibly give it controlling weight.

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