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How can work-related stress result in heart problems?

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Undergoing chronic stress in the workplace can impact your life. When most people think of injuries in the workplace, they think about accidents that result in physical injuries. However, invisible illnesses such as stress and anxiety can entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you undergo significant and persistent stress at work, you could develop heart problems.

How Does Stress Impact The Workplace?

Most workers undergo significant stress while at work. In fact, about two in three employees claim that work is a significant stressor. There are different ways work can impact your mental health, including working long hours, job insecurity and physical strain.

How Does Stress Manifest Physically?

Stress can manifest with physical symptoms. Studies show chronic stress can cause muscle aches, insomnia, headaches and low energy. When you work in a high-stress environment, you may be awake all night due to rumination. The lack of sleep and chronic tension can make it difficult to function daily. It can also impact your ability to perform your job.

How Does Stress Affect Your Heart?

Heart disease is a common stress-related problem. Chronic stress and anxiety can cause your blood pressure to spike. High blood pressure creates an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. You are as much at risk for cardiovascular disease from being stressed as you are from living a sedentary lifestyle or overeating.

When determining if your heart problem stems from work, think about the amount of stress you undergo regularly and how long you have struggled with your heart.

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