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How can workplace vehicle crashes happen?

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In 2021, a worker died every 101 minutes from workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In workplaces, activities often involve the movement of vehicles. Understanding how dangerous these vehicles are can help you when dealing with the aftermath of a crash.

Speed and distraction

One primary issue with workplace vehicle crashes is the combination of speed and distraction of people behind the wheel. Coworkers around you operating vehicles may find themselves multitasking or underestimating the impact of excessive speed. These factors amplify the risk of collisions.

Inadequate training

Insufficient training in vehicle operation is another factor contributing to workplace crashes. When new or young employees are not educated on handling workplace vehicles, including forklifts or trucks, errors can happen.

Poor visibility

Limited visibility in the workplace can increase the likelihood of vehicle crashes. Narrow aisles, blind spots and poorly lit areas create an environment where operators may struggle to see potential obstacles. Employers enhancing visibility through proper lighting, mirrors and signage is important in minimizing these risks.

Lack of communication

Effective communication among workers is important for preventing vehicle crashes. Failure to communicate intentions, sudden stops or unexpected maneuvers can catch others off guard.

Little or no maintenance

Employers neglecting regular maintenance of workplace vehicles is a silent contributor to crashes. Bad brakes, old tires or malfunctioning steering systems can transform routine operations into risky endeavors.

Workplace vehicle crashes are not isolated incidents. Safety is a collective responsibility, and a proactive approach to these contributing factors can pave the way for a secure workplace.

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