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How does your job impact your SSD benefits?

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Not just anyone can apply for and receive disability payments through Social Security. In addition to having a qualified injury, you also need to have fulfilled certain parameters with your work history.

One of the biggest questions you may have is whether or not you can continue working and draw benefits should you have a condition covered by the Social Security Administration. Learn more about what your job might have to do with whether you can get SSDI benefits or not.

Can You Still Work?

The purpose of SSDI payments is to cover your expenses because you cannot work. If you can still work, but perhaps in a different field, the SSA will likely deny your application for benefits.

Do You Make Too Much Money?

If you believe you can work and still draw benefits, know that another uphill battle you may face is earning too much. ISSA sets a threshold for how much income you can earn while drawing benefits of any kind. In 2021 you could not qualify for disability benefits if you made more than $1,310 per month.

Do You Have Enough Credits?

As you work through the years, you pay into Social Security and get credits each time you do. You may find your application denied if you become injured before you earn enough credits to pay out. SSA can help determine whether you have enough credits to apply for and receive disability payments.

Your work history may impact your ability to qualify for disability payments, as will your capacity to work now and going forward.

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