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How is a source selected for a consultative exam for disability?

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Not every Social Security disability application can be decided upon by the initial evidence presented. North Carolina residents who are confronted with this reality should know how a consultative examination will impact their claim. Simply being told that a consultative examination is needed is not something to worry about immediately. It is not a sign that the person will be denied Social Security. However, it is important to understand the details of a consultative examination and to have legal help.

The consultative examination will be conducted when the medical sources provided in the initial claim were deemed insufficient for the Social Security Administration to decide. The consultative examination will be paid for by the SSA. The claimant can use his or her own medical source for this, but the SSA might also want an independent medical source.

This will occur in several situations such as the claimant’s preferred medical source not wanting to do the examination; the medical source not having the necessary equipment; if there are conflicts or other problems in the file that will not be dealt with by using the medical source; the claimant wanting another source and having a justification for it; the SSA knowing that the source might not be sufficient; or the source does not have the necessary qualifications.

When there is a request from the SSA that an applicant have a consultative exam, the applicant might automatically think their claim is set to be denied. There is no connection between the decision and requesting a consultative exam. The goal is for the SSA to have all the information it can have to make an informed decision. Still, people should be protected from the beginning when they are applying for SSD benefits. The medical requirements are critical to a claim and having legal advice to ensure all the necessary evidence is provided can go a long way toward being approved. A law firm that specializes in Social Security disability claims can be of immense assistance.

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