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How to utilize the prerelease procedure for SSI benefits

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When a person is institutionalized in North Carolina, there are often concerns as to what will happen when he or she is released. Financial and medical concerns will abound, especially if the person is suffering from a disability, an illness, a medical condition, is blind, or is 65 or older and has financial limitations. These issues meet the requirements for Supplemental Security Income. However, it can be confusing as to what steps a person should take before they are released from an institution. Knowing how to apply for SSI benefits when there is an anticipated release is therefore imperative.

With a prelease application, an individual can apply for benefits months before their expected release, and it is available to those who are institutionalized in a nursing home, a hospital, or even in jail. To succeed on one of these applications, the claimant must be considered likely to get an approval when applying for SSI benefits. The release must also be scheduled within several months of the filing. The Social Security office in the area might even already have an agreement in place with the institution. This can make the process easier, but it is not a prerequisite to applying for prerelease acceptance.

When a prerelease application is filed, the institution will agree to: inform the Social Security Administration when the person is likely to be able to get an approval for SSI and might be released within 30 days of that notification; provide medical and nonmedical information that will help the claim be processed; provide the date of the expected release and inform the SSA if there are delays; and inform the SSA when the person is released. In return, the SSA will process the claim or application for the reinstatement of benefits as rapidly as it can and, after getting permission, tell the institution of its SSI decision.

There are many things that applicants should be aware of when pursuing SSI benefits. For example, those who are institutionalized can seek their approval prior to their release, thereby helping ease their transition. However, those who don’t know the process can make costly mistakes. A law firm that has helped many people with their SSI Supplemental Security Income cases may be of assistance.

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