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Can I get SSD benefits if I have schizophrenia?

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People in North Carolina who are suffering from mental illness are granted greater freedom to admit they need help and seek treatment for the problem today than they were in the past. This is true across the nation. Whereas mental illness was once either ignored or diminished as little more than a brief problem that could be solved with simple measures, today a greater number of people are being diagnosed and are getting the help they need. Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions can be part of this assistance, and it often allows an individual to secure adequate treatment.

For people who are confronted with mental health issues, the first step toward obtaining SSD benefits is to know what they are suffering from. For example, those who think they might be schizophrenic should be aware of the symptoms. An individual who is diagnosed with schizophrenia has a problem interpreting reality. Often, it prevents them from holding a steady job, going to school regularly, and interacting with others. It also impacts behavior and emotions. Some symptoms of schizophrenia include being delusional, hallucinating, having disorganized thinking and speech, having extreme disorganization or abnormal motor behavior, and experiencing negative symptoms.

The extent of one’s symptoms and how it hinders the person depends on the severity. With delusions, an individual could harbor beliefs that have no basis in reality such as thinking there is ongoing harassment, believing that others are focusing on them when they are not, and being paranoid about disasters. Hallucinating means seeing and hearing things that are not there. Disorganization in thought and speech means a person speaks in confusing patterns, answers questions that were not asked, and makes statements that were not linked to what is currently happening. Disorganized or abnormal motor behavior may include a lack of focus, behaving in a childlike way, and getting agitated for no clear reason. Finally, negative symptoms could be shown by a failure to adhere to proper hygiene, not showing emotion, and being socially withdrawn.

When suffering from schizophrenia, any of the above symptoms can make it difficult if not outright impossible to hold a job, go to school, and perform other basic activities. Getting Social Security disability for mental conditions can help an individual obtain the treatment he or she needs while providing a certain amount of financial stability. For individuals who either think they are schizophrenic or have been diagnosed, SSD benefits may be available. A law firm that specializes in disability claims for mental illness may be able to assist these individuals through the SSD claims process.

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