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Residual functional capacity, my work abilities, and SSD benefits

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Residual functional capacity (RFC) is a key factor when North Carolina residents are seeking Social Security disability benefits. Being disabled and saying that the issues that are part of the disability is frequently insufficient to automatically get approved for disability benefits. The inability to work is critical, and if an applicant shows an inability to work it will go a long way toward being approved. Understanding how physical abilities, mental abilities, and other abilities that are hindered by an impairment is part of the RFC assessment. Having legal advice for this and other aspects of a claim for SSD benefits is essential.

For those who are suffering from a disability, their symptoms will lead to limitations. RFC is the maximum the person can do despite those limitations. Physical abilities center on the limitations the person has in his or her physical capabilities and how it impacts working regularly and continuously. If the person cannot go beyond certain limits when working, like the ability to walk, stand, carry, push, pull and perform other fundamental requirements for most jobs, it will naturally inhibit what work the person can do, if he or she can conduct any work at all.

With any kind of employment, mental abilities are also needed. Even in jobs where it is simply memorization and repetitive movement, there is a need for the mental capacity to grasp the concept of the job, understand how to do it, and perform it. If a person cannot understand, remember, or follow through on instructions, the deficiency is considered limiting. It is also limiting to be unable to respond in an appropriate manner when spoken to by supervisors or co-workers and to adapt to pressures in the workplace. If an applicant cannot perform these tasks, then it will be hard to find suitable work.

People can have other impairments, like the inability to see or hear, skin issues, being epileptic, and more. There could be environmental limitations on where an individual with a medical condition can function and be safe. These factors will be considered in the context of RFC. Not all people who are disabled will want to leave the job market completely, but if there is a limit as to what they can do based on RFC, they might not have a choice. This is also a vital part of the assessment made by the Social Security Administration and Disability Determination Services. For those who are concerned about RFC and their physical, mental, or other impairments, having legal assistance is important. A law firm that handles Social Security disability claims may be able to help.

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