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Initial Disability Determinations And Reconsiderations

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When you are considering filing a disability claim or a reconsideration of a denial, you may need guidance from a Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer. There are several things you should know before filing your initial claim or for your reconsideration.

How Initial Claims Are Filed

Initial Social Security disability insurance claims may be filed online. Supplemental security insurance claims may not be filed online, however. People may also call the Social Security Administration toll free at (800) 772-1213 to start the process. Staff will then set up an appointment for the person. If you choose to file your claim for benefits online, you should understand that your Winston-Salem Social Security disability lawyer is not allowed to sign it for you, and that includes a prohibition on electronic signatures for you as well. They may provide help to you with filing it, though.

What Happens During The Initial Claim Appointment

Whether you choose to have your appointment in person at the local office or to complete it by telephone, there are a couple of things to understand about what will occur. They will ask for your information and will enter it for you. They will then print out the completed application and have you sign it if you have an in-person appointment. If you completed your application via telephone, the Social Security Administration will print your application and mail it to you for your signature.

Who Makes The Determination For Your Initial Claim And For Your Reconsideration

For both initial and reconsideration decisions, an outside agency that has a contract with the Social Security Administration will make the determination. This is normally done by a doctor or other person who will review your application and make a disability determination. The person who makes the determination and reviews your file is called a disability examiner. After the determination is made by the outside agency, the Social Security Administration then adopts it as appropriate and as their own determination.

Right To Appeal

A majority of initial disability claims are denied. If your initial application is denied, you will have the right to appeal. At this stage, your appeal will be to the reconsideration level. While a different group will complete the reconsideration determination, reconsiderations are normally given the same determination outcomes as the initial ones. If you are denied after your reconsideration, you will then have the right to appeal the decision to a hearing before an administrative law judge. Appeals to a hearing have a much greater likelihood of success than do either initial claims or reconsiderations of decisions.

Contact A Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Lawyer

You may need help with your claim. To speak to a Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Lawyer at the Bridgman Law Offices, call us at (704) 815-6055.

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