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Keep ambiguity out of your application for disability benefits

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A disabling accident or injury can leave a Charlotte resident with years of recovery and the inability to work. This devastating combination can create financial as well as physical hardships in that person’s life and may cause them to suffer as they work to find normalcy. However, not all men and women who endure these serious incidents are able to get back to their jobs, and when an injury-based disability claims someone’s ability to hold down a job they may need to turn to the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits’ programs for help.

This disability benefits’ legal blog has offered numerous posts on how Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income can support disabled Americans. To get benefits, though, individuals must apply to the Social Security Administration and offer evidence of the harm they have suffered as well as evidence regarding their inability to work.

Evidence in disability benefits claims can come from many sources, including but not limited to doctors’ reports and notes, medical testing results and the testimony of the actual disability benefits applicant. It is important that applicants understand that consistency and clarity in the applications is key, for if the reviewer of a disability benefits’ application finds ambiguity or obscurity in the evidence they may have grounds for denying the claim.

The Bridgman Law Offices help their clients prepare applications that demonstrate their clients’ disabilities and provide consistent evidence to support their claims. The attorneys of the firm are open to take on new clients and to start with them their journeys through the disability benefits’ application process.

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