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Know the Social Security Disability Process

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The government uses a number of steps to evaluate Social Security disability applicants, as a top Charlotte disability attorney will tell you. The review process goes step by step to consider for the SSA or SSI programs. You might be turned down at any phase if the program administrators find that you are not disabled under the rules. As you read through the qualifying standards, note that the regulations contain many specific definitions.

Substantial Gainful Activity

This standard, also called SGA, means that an eligible applicant is unable to participate in substantial gainful activity, specifically work.

Severe Impairment

Once the SGA standard is met, the agency considers whether an applicant has a severe medically determinable impairment, which means it is documented by qualified healthcare providers such as doctors.

Listing Of Impairments

The government has a list of impairments that qualify for Social Security disability, and an applicant must have an impairment that is listed or equal to the conditions defined in the regulations.

Residual Functional Capacity

Abbreviated RFC, the question here is whether your abilities now allow you to perform “past relevant work.” Factors that might inhibit that prospect include advanced age, or lack of education or experience. These factors are taken into account when evaluating an application.

Duration Requirement

In addition to meeting the above standards, you would have to be disabled for a year to qualify for SSD. This time minimum is called the duration requirement.

A Charlotte disability attorney also suggests that applicants consider factors that would lead an application to be denied. For example, if you are working at a substantial gainful activity, you will not qualify for benefits. If you do not have a medically determinable impairment, you will be turned down. You might have such an impairment, but it may not limit your ability to work-that would nix your eligibility. Looking at your work history, if you can perform past relevant work, or other work, you would be deemed ineligible.


As noted, you must also meet the duration requirement. To qualify, a candidate would have paid into the Social Security program for a required period, and must meet asset and income tests. For full information from a Charlotte disability attorney, contact Bridgman Law Offices PLLC at 704-815-6055.

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