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Knowing when to apply for Social Security disability benefits

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When a person in North Carolina has an injury, illness, or condition that has led to a disability, it is important to know when and how to successfully apply for Social Security disability benefits. The easy answer that most believe to be the clear strategy is to file the application as soon as he or she becomes disabled. However, some make the mistake of failing to realize that they are eligible for SSD benefits or think that the process is too difficult. By answering certain questions, though, a disabled individual may find him or herself comfortable with moving forward with the process of applying for SSD benefits.

First, a claimant must determine whether he or she meets the Social Security Administration’s requirements to receive disability benefits. Generally speaking, the disability must last for a minimum of 12 months. Often, it is not blatantly clear that the disability will last that long, which can make it difficult to satisfy this requirement. The guidelines for each specific disability can be complicated, and a person who thinks he or she does not meet them might, in reality, meet them.

Another issue that frequently arises is when a disabled person believes that he or she can work, then he or she cannot apply for SSD benefits. The truth is that SSD benefits do not require showing an inability to work. The amount of income received is the key with substantial gainful activity. If the earnings are less than the maximum SGA the SSA allows per month, then the claimant may still be able to receive benefits.

Although a disabled individual may have been injured on the job and be collecting workers’ compensation or unemployment, that fact alone does not prevent him or her from applying for SSD benefits. Failing to do so in a timely manner can leave an individual facing financial uncertainty, which is why discussing the case with a lawyer may be crucial. Filing for disability does not mean that, in most cases, the money will be quickly obtained. However, one may be able to speed up the process by putting forth a strong initial claim. Yet, even if that initial claim is denied, an appeal may lead to the recovery of much needed benefits.

There are numerous factors that go into a successful application for SSD benefits. From the time the injury, illness, or condition occurs or manifests itself, having help from a lawyer experienced in assisting people with Social Security disability claims is a wise first step. The legal team at Bridgman Law Offices is dedicated to helping disabled individuals obtain the compensation they need to obtain financial stability and focus on their health.

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