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Woman appeals decision to stop her SSD benefits

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For those in North Carolina who are seeking or already receiving Social Security disability benefits, it is important to keep an eye on those who are in a similar situation and were either denied Social Security or had SSD benefits taken away after receiving them. Since Social Security disability is a federal program, any issue that happens in another state can be just as important to people in North Carolina.

One of those issues recently arose for a 27-year-old Tennessee woman who has suffered from disabilities since she was a child. Her conditions have ruined all attempts on her part to hold a job. Yet, despite her debilitating condition, she was informed that she will no longer get SSD benefits. According to her, she has a birth defect in her digestive system and requires the use of an inhaler for breathing. She was ruled disabled in 2012 and received a variety of benefits, including Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. When her case came up for a mandatory periodic review several months ago, she was told that her benefits would cease.

The recipient’s issues grew so difficult that part of her colon and her esophagus were surgically removed. Prior to the surgeries, she worked at a fast food establishment and a movie theater but had to quit because of her medical complications. She says that, as a result, she can no longer work. Even though her conditions rendered her unable to work and she had documentation from medical professionals regarding her illness and limitations, her benefits were cut off. The Social Security Administration is said to have only spoken to the woman’s parents as part of their review, which seems inadequate. The woman is now appealing the SSA’s decision. Since she appealed within 10 days of the decision, her benefits will continue until the appeal is completed.

As sad as it is, this case is not unusual. Since there are so many different factors with a Social Security disability claim, including an ongoing backlog, it is imperative to have legal help with any matter that may pose a threat to one’s SSD benefits. A competent attorney may be able to help ensure an initial claim is as strong as possible, that a denied claim is expertly appealed, and that retention proceedings are thoroughly prepared for, giving an individual the best possible chance of obtaining and retaining the financial security he or she needs.

Source: WJHL News Channel 11, “Social Security ends disabled east Tennessee woman’s benefits, says she can work,” Sept. 27, 2017

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