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Mental conditions and illnesses can be debilitating

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When a Charlotte resident is unable to work it is common for others to assume that the condition preventing them from doing their job is physical. While many individuals suffer from chronic and accident-based physical ailments that prevent them from performing the tasks of their occupations, others suffer from just as debilitating but not always as obvious mental health conditions and illnesses.

Depression, anxiety and other mental ailments can afflict individuals at varying levels, just as physical ailments can have more or less severe forms. To this end, not every person who suffers from a mental illness or disorder will qualify for Social Security disability benefits but those who do may pursue them through the same channels as individuals who suffer from debilitating physical conditions.

People who choose to pursue Social Security disability benefits based on a mental illness or disorder must satisfy the many requirements the administration has in place to demonstrate that their claims are legitimate. They may have to provide medical information about their mental ailments and may have to submit to evaluations by medical professionals selected by the Social Security Administration.

The absence of a physical impairment to a person’s body does not mean that they are barred from seeking financial support and benefits from the Social Security Administration. Disabilities and disabling ailments may take on many forms, both physical and mental. The Bridgman Law Offices, located in Charlotte, are available for consultation with individuals suffering from mental disabilities. The firm’s caring legal professionals are available to support their clients through the many necessary steps that must be completed to secure Social Security disability benefits.

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