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What is anxiety?

It has happened to everyone. Sitting and waiting for something to happen, whether it is in anticipation of a happy event or in dread of an unpleasant occurrence, a person may experience a sneaking sense of anxiety creep into their body. Their heart may race and their mind may feel cluttered as it seems to take forever for the clock to slowly advance forward. These transient episodes of anxiety happen to practically all North Carolina residents but some individuals face lasting and uncontrollable anxiety disorders that affect every aspect of their lives.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are three main categories of anxiety disorders: generalized, panic and social. Generalized anxiety disorder affects individuals for a period of months and can cause them to feel a range of symptoms, including but not limited to irritability, restlessness and tension. Panic disorders cause individuals to suffer panic attacks, which can cause their bodies to sweat, shake or have shortness of breath.

Social anxiety disorders make it very difficult for individuals to be around others. They may feel as though they are being critiqued or judged, rejected or embarrassed. From these short descriptions of the three main categories of anxiety disorders readers may already be able to see how anxiety could affect a person’s ability to work.

As previously discussed on this Social Security disability benefits legal blog, mental disorders and conditions like anxiety can serve as the bases for disability claims. With the proper evidence and case preparation individuals who are disabled due to anxiety and other mental illnesses may be able to get the help they need to survive. Readers are reminded that this post provides no legal or medical advice.

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