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Common reasons disability benefits applications may be denied

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It is an unfortunate fact that many valid applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied at the initial application stage. This is because the applicants may have not provided enough information about their conditions to prove that they are unable to work or because their documentation regarding their disabilities is otherwise lacking. This post will share some of the other reasons that Charlotte residents may see their disability benefits applications denied.

One reason that a person may not be initially approved for benefits is if their disability is not expected to last for at least twelve months. Ailments that will get better within a year generally are not considered disabilities that qualify individuals for Social Security benefits.

Also, applicants who can go back to their jobs or who can work in other occupations other than what they did before becoming disabled may not receive Social Security disability benefits. Individuals who can support themselves despite their medical conditions generally cannot receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Finally, individuals whose disabilities are acquired due to the applicants’ addictions or alcoholism do not qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The information provided in this post is only an introduction into the very broad topic of Social Security disability benefits denials and readers who have experienced denied disability benefits.Applicants are encouraged to review their cases with disability benefits attorneys. Upon review of a denied claim a disability benefits attorney may be able to counsel their client on how best to address the deficiencies in their application and to help them secure the support they need.

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