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Mental illness can significantly impact the ability to work

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Mental illnesses and psychiatric conditions are often misunderstood because they do not always manifest with physical symptoms. While it is easy for a Charlotte resident to demonstrate their disability if it involves a visible part of their body, it is impossible to tell by looking at someone if they suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or one of the many other mental illnesses that Americans are treated for each year.

Because of this there is sometimes a stigma that attaches to people who suffer from these serious and sometimes debilitating illnesses and conditions. A person may not want to say that they have a mental illness because it is not as easy to prove as a visible illness or injury. However, it is important that readers who suffer from debilitating mental conditions know that their illnesses are provable and that under the programs of the Social Security Administration they may be entitled to benefits.

The Social Security Administration recognizes a host of mental illnesses as disabilities as long as applicants for benefits demonstrate that their conditions meet the definition of disability. With the help of a dedicated disability benefits attorney, a person who suffers from a mental illness may be able to secure the financial support they need to get by.

The Bridgman Law Offices are located in Charlotte and the attorneys and staff members of the firm are sensitive to the needs of the disability benefits clients. Men and women who struggle with mental illnesses and diseases will find support and guidance in the legal professionals of the firm as they investigate their options for seeking Social Security disability benefits.

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