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What if my claim was denied after a reconsideration hearing?

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Not long ago this Charlotte-based Social Security disability benefits law blog offered its readers a post on the reconsideration hearing process for disability benefits applicants. An applicant’s claim may be given a reconsideration hearing if it is initially denied. A process is in place to make sure that the claim receives a new review in the reconsideration hearing and in some cases an applicant may receive a positive outcome at the conclusion of the process.

Not all applicants that go through reconsideration find that their claims are approved, though. Some men and women who have qualifying disabilities may have their claims for benefits denied a second time and may find themselves in the difficult position of needing help but not knowing what to do. After a denial from a reconsideration hearing, an applicant for disability benefits may appeal that outcome to an Administrative Law Judge.

An Administrative Law Judge is a person who has been appointed to hear cases of appeal for disability benefits to the Social Security Administration. When they hear cases, individuals can offer testimony from themselves, from others and from experts. They can bring in evidence to persuade the ALJ to see their side of the case and after reviewing all of the evidence the ALJ will decide if the claim should be approved or once again denied.

Even if a claim is denied by an ALJ there are two additional steps that an applicant may use to have their claims approved. Those steps will be discussed in a later post on this blog and readers who wish to pursue disability benefits appeals are encouraged to do so with the support of disability benefits attorneys.

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