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Ongoing support for disability benefits recipients

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Securing disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a difficult process. As our readers know from previous posts here, the process begins when a person files an application for benefits and submits evidence of their disability condition or illness. That information is reviewed and, based upon what is determined, the individual may or may not be approved for disability benefits support.

If the application is approved, they may receive benefits, but may be required to meet ongoing expectations. Their condition may be reviewed periodically, and they may be asked to give new data on the status of their illness or injury. In time, they may need to demonstrate again and again that they deserve the disability benefits on which they rely to live.

If their application is denied, then they may face a struggle to have that determination overturned. They may request that their application be reconsidered and they may be asked to submit new or additional evidence that may support their assertion that they should be granted disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. The review and appeal portion of the disability benefits process can be long and complex and individuals may not know what to expect when it begins.

From submitting an initial application to managing the ongoing expectations that disability benefits recipients must meet, our law firm is available to attempt to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible information about how to handle their individual disability benefits’ claims. As different individuals will rely upon different sources of evidence to support their applications, we are ready to give each of our clients the specialized care that they deserve.

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