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Periodic reviews may bring disability benefits to their end

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Individuals who have looked into applying for Social Security Disability benefits may believe that once they are approved for benefits that those benefits will not be terminated. While this is sometimes true, in other situations recipients of disability benefits may have their benefits stopped if the Social Security Administration finds that they are no longer disabled. There is a review process for disabilities that North Carolina residents can expect to face if they are approved to receive disability benefits.

When a review of a person’s disability will be completed greatly depends upon how long the disability was thought to last at the time the recipient applied for benefits. For example, if the disability a person suffered from was not expected to improve, then their disability review may not occur for many years after their approval. However, if their disability was expected to experience medical improvement, then their condition may be reassessed as soon as six months after the initial approval of their benefits.

A person’s disability benefits may also be terminated if the work that they are able to do is considered substantial by the Social Security Administration. In some cases, a disability benefits recipient may choose to go back to work instead of receiving their benefits and, in such cases, their benefits may end due to the increase in their earned income.

Disability benefits can be an important part of a person’s income to keep them financially solvent when illness or injury robs them of their capacity to work. However, if their condition improves or they are able to increase their work-related income, then they may have their disability benefits cut off.

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