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Severe burn injuries and disability benefits applications

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A significant injury can cause a Charlotte resident to experience life-long pain and suffering. They may not be able to work due to the harm that they have suffered, and as such they may struggle to find ways to make ends meet. As previously discussed on this North Carolina disability benefits blog, injuries can, in some cases, form the bases of disability benefits claims.

One form of injury that may qualify a person for disability benefits is burns. Burns are injuries to victims’ skin and soft tissue. They can result from contact with different forms of dangerous and corrosive substances such as heat, fire, chemicals and electricity.

Some burns may be superficial and these forms of burns often heal on their own in short periods of time. However, burns that penetrate into deeper layers of victims’ tissue can take longer to heel and can leave victims with long-term health problems.

One of the more serious side effects that burns may leave with a victim is scar tissue. Scar tissue is extra tissue that builds up around an injury and that can become hard or rigid. In the case of a severe burn, a person may find that their ability to move, speak or even breathe is compromised by the scar tissue that develops.

A burn injury may prevent a person from holding down a job, and as such this serious form of soft tissue injury may form the basis of a disability benefits application. As with all disability benefits matters, burn victims are advised to discuss their needs and legal cases with attorneys that they know and trust.

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