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The Administrative Law Judge’s Role in the Social Security Appellate Hearing

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David Gantt represents individuals to help them acquire Social Security Disability benefits. Contact David Gantt at 828-252-2852 to schedule a consultation about your matter. Below is a transcript of the “Administrative Law Judge’s Roll in the Social Security Appellate Hearing” video.

Transcript of Video

The Administrative Law Judge Social Security hearing is the first chance you have to be in the same room with a person that is going to decide your case. It is generally the third step of the appeal. The judges in the Asheville area either come from Kingsport, Tennessee or Greenville South Carolina to have hearings in Asheville. It’s important that you have a lawyer with you when you go in front of the judge because every judge like any other human being has certain characteristics, thoughts, and ideas about social security that with knowledge of this you may have a better hearing than if you go in there cold and don’t know anything about the judge. So I would recommend you consult a lawyer who is familiar with the judges and appears before them regularly.

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