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Understanding the impact of a traumatic brain injury

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Over the summer this Charlotte-based disability benefits legal blog offered its readers a post on how concussions may serve as the bases of claims for disability benefits. Concussions are a form of brain injury and brain injuries can range in severity from minor to life-threatening. This post will address what traumatic brain injuries are and why they may avail their sufferers to support from the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits’ programs.

A traumatic brain injury can occur in two different ways. The first way occurs when the brain suffers an impact, such as when the head hits a hard surface in a car accident or during a fall. The second way that they can happen is when an object penetrates the head and becomes lodged in the brain.

Depending upon the severity of a victim’s injury their traumatic brain injury can cause them a range of serious side effects. A person can suffer disorientation or even lose consciousness when they endure an injury to their brain. They may experience nausea, exhaustion and a loss of coordination or balance. They may have trouble remembering things or may find that they are extra sensitive to light and other stimuli.

Individuals with permanent damage to their brains may have trouble communicating, controlling their emotions or even maintaining alertness. Their conditions may keep them from being able to find work to accommodate their medical needs and they may be unable to perform the tasks asked of them at their jobs. When traumatic brain injuries are disabling, they may serve as strong foundations for disability benefits claims from the Social Security Administration.

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