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What are the impacts of repetitive strain injuries?

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Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can impact anyone for any reason at any time in their life. It is a plague among workers everywhere.

On top of that, these injuries actually have a serious impact on a worker’s everyday life. But exactly what is that impact?

How Do RSIs Happen?

Cleveland Clinic discusses the impact of repetitive stress injuries. First of all: what are RSIs? These injuries occur due to the repeated motion a person makes every day, usually due to their job requirements.

Many people engage in physically repetitive behaviors without even realizing it. For example, cashiers scanning items on the register all day counts as repetitive motion. The same goes for office workers who spend most of their time typing away at a computer. Of course, people who work at factories and assembly lines often do repetitive work, too.

The Impact Of RSIs

So what are the impacts of RSIs? These injuries only go away with proper care and rest. Unfortunately, that often means a person cannot engage in their usual work and must take time away from the job. If they do not, the swelling in the affected area may worsen and could eventually cause permanent damage to the nerves.

Permanent nerve damage leads to other issues like mobility problems or true nerve pain, which can severely damage a person’s quality of life in addition to making it nearly impossible for them to work.

However, many people do not have the ability to rest for the full amount of suggested time, leading to the worsening of RSIs. It is a vicious cycle that causes huge problems for workers everywhere.

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