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What diseases qualify for compassionate allowances?

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Individuals who wish to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration must complete applications that require them to demonstrate how their ailments meet the agency’s definition of “disability.” The disability definition has multiple parts, such as a requirement that the disabling condition will last for at least a year, as well as requirements that detail how the condition limits the applicant’s activities. If a person cannot satisfy each of the elements in full then they may have their request for benefits denied.

There are, however, certain diseases and medical conditions that do not require North Carolina applicants to fulfill the strict requirements of the disability benefits process. These conditions and disorders are considered very serious and individuals who suffer from them receive special consideration from the Social Security Administration. The requests for benefits are generally expedited and the term used to describe this special process is a “compassionate allowance.”

Many forms of aggressive cancer are included on the Social Security Administration’s compassionate allowance list. Additionally, conditions that affect applicants’ brains and certain serious disorders that impact children are also included on the list. Individuals with serious medical conditions whose ailments do not appear on the compassionate allowance list can petition the Social Security Administration to have their disorder or disease recognized as such.

The compassionate allowance process allows individuals who are suffering with serious illnesses and conditions to receive benefits and financial support without enduring the sometimes lengthy wait that can accompany the traditional disability benefits application process. Readers who wish to learn more about compassionate allowances and other special programs offered by the Social Security Administration are encouraged to reach out to their disability benefits attorneys for more information.

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