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Age and work credits may impact disability benefits award

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If a Charlotte resident cannot work due to a mental or physical disability stemming from an injury or illness they should be able to receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, only a qualifying disability may get the applicant the support they need in the form of benefits. A disability is not the only requirement a person must satisfy in order to get help from the Social Security Administration. An applicant for disability benefits must also have enough work credits from their past employment to qualify them for help.

Work credits are gained through working and paying into the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, or “FICA,” tax program. Over time, a person builds credit through continued employment and, if and when they become disabled, they can use those credits for disability payments and support.

If a person does not have enough FICA credits to provide disability benefits, then their application for help may not be approved. However, there may be other Social Security programs that could help them get by.

The number of credits that a person will need to receive disability benefits will depend upon their age. The older a person is, the more credits they may need, and conversely younger individuals who become disabled may need fewer credits. Understanding how work history, age and FICA contributions will impact disability claims is an important part of applying for disability benefits. A disability benefits attorney may be able to answer the questions of a Charlotte resident who wishes to learn more about these important topics.

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