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What to Expect at a Consultive Examination

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If a judge has required you to have a consultative examination, you should consult with a Charlotte Social Security disability attorney at 704-815-6055.

If you’ve been ordered to undergo a consultative medical examination, you have probably already asked your Charlotte SSD attorney what it’s about. If you haven’t retained a lawyer yet and are wondering why the exam has been ordered, chances are that the examiner and/or judge feel that additional medical evidence is needed. That is true whether your disability is mental or physical. While you can technically skip the exam, doing so will only hurt your case. By willingly undergoing the exam, you will be able to present more detailed information regarding your disability, which may increase the odds of being approved for benefits.

Arranging The Exam

In most cases, the consultative exam is scheduled for you. The cost will be covered by the Social Security Administration, and you can even have the exam performed by your own doctor. However, most doctors refuse to perform these types of exams for SSDI cases. Furthermore, if your doctor’s area of specialty doesn’t coincide with your disability, they won’t be able to perform it. If your usual doctor is unable to perform the exam, a qualified doctor will be assigned on your behalf.

What To Expect

If you are suffering from a physical disability, the doctor will examine the affected parts of the body and may order additional medical tests. If you are suffering from a mental disability, your exam will have to be performed by a psychiatrist. They will check to see if you can follow directions, get along with other people and concentrate. As your Charlotte SSD attorney will remind you, make sure to arrive to your appointment on time. Answer all of the doctor’s questions, and don’t argue even if you feel things aren’t going your way. If possible, bring someone with you to serve as a witness. Whatever you do, don’t skip your exam. Without the additional evidence, your claim may be denied.

Hire A Skilled Charlotte Social Security Disability Attorney Today

Wherever you may be in the disability claims process, it’s crucial to have competent legal representation. If you need a Charlotte SSD attorney, call Bridgman Law Offices today at 704-815-6055.

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