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When an illness-based disability benefits claim is denied

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A terrifying diagnosis can stop a Charlotte resident in their tracks. Whether it is a genetic disease or an acquired condition, a disease or illness that may rob a person of their ability to work and to live their life to the fullest may end a person’s hopes and dreams for their future. As they seek assistance with learning how to fight their medical battle they may also look into ways of supporting their financial needs.

Certain diseases and disorders are recognized by the Social Security Administration as potentially disabling. An applicant for benefits must show, often through medical evidence, that their condition satisfies the definition of a disability and that it meets other mandatory requirements. Although some illness-based disability benefits’ claims are approved on their first review, others are denied for a variety of different reasons.

An illness-based application for disability benefits may be denied if the applicant has other sources of income or otherwise makes too much money to qualify. A denial also may be based on the reviewer’s belief that the applicant failed to mediate their condition or otherwise did not follow the medical recommendations of their doctors. Denials of benefits can also be based on insufficient medical evidence, illnesses that will not last for at least a year, and other causes.

Getting an illness-based disability benefits claim approved can require a person to sift through their medical records to find all of the information and support they need to prove their claims. This work is often executed by disability benefits attorneys, who are prepared to support their clients’ needs of disability benefits based on their disabling illnesses.

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