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Social Security approves 5 conditions for compassionate allowance

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The compassionate allowance program is a special fast-track way for certain identified illnesses and disorders to be approved for disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. Conditions identified for this program do not undergo the same review process as others and individuals who suffer from them may begin to receive the benefits they need sooner than they would if they had to go through the normal path to benefits. North Carolina residents may be interested to learn that the acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration recently announced that five additional disorders have been included in the fast- track program.

These disorders are fibrolamellar cancer; megacystis microcolon; intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome; megalencephaly capillary malformation syndrome; superficial siderosis of the central nervous system; and tetrasomy 18p. These illnesses and conditions will join the list of others that have been identified as so severe that they cause disabilities in those who suffer from them due to their presence in the individuals’ bodies.

It is not uncommon for illnesses and disorders to be identified as potentially appropriate for the compassionate allowances list. In fact, the Social Security Administration allows individuals to submit names of disorders and illnesses for consideration to the compassionate allowances program. Certain information is required to engage with this process and for suggested disorders to be considered.

Men and women who suffer from serious conditions and who wish to learn more about disability benefits should contact their trusted legal advisors. Those individuals may help them investigate if their conditions are on the compassionate allowances list or if they may have a case for requesting that their conditions be considered for inclusion on the list in the future.

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